Call Debbie today at 01258 857696 or 07990 874875

Combining nurture and nature in a home-based setting

Opening Hours

My opening hours are from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.  I can be flexible, however.

Hours agreed outside of these hours may be charged at a higher hourly rate.

I have a two year old Golden Retriever called Fergus.  Children learn how to nurture other living things and have the opportunity to develop empathy, kindness, respectful relationships and mutual affection with animals.

As with any animal, children are never left alone with Fergus.  There are facilities for both to play and rest separately and securely.

Additional services

Parents can access free early years education funding (15 hours) for two, three and four year olds with childminders who are rated by Ofsted as Good or Outstanding.

Parents of children accessing hours outside of the above entitlement will be charged the normal hourly rate.  Please call for details.

Healthy snacks are provided along with drinks of water or milk.  Diluted fruit juice is also available at mealtimes.  I provide quality waterproof dungarees, coats, gloves and wellies to ensure every child can play outside freely with enjoyment.

Parents provide all meals, nappies, wipes, baby milk, sun screen, spare clothes etc.

Main meals are available at extra cost:

Breakfast - £1 per day

Lunch - £1.50 per day

Hot main meal - £2.00 per day

Nature's kitchen open for muddy, exploratory play!