Everything starts with warm, reciprocal, responsive and respectful relationships between adults and children. Relationships are fundamental to wellbeing and wellbeing is central to learning. Quite simply relationships build children's brains, developing emotional resilience and creating the cognitive capacity for learning.  

The clip below highlights the vital importance of nurture.



Learning outside within a calming and less restrictive natural environment allows children the freedom to explore real-life experiences using their whole bodies and all their senses.  The areas in a child's brain responsible for behaviour and learning (amygdala and hippocampus) increase in size and develop better with being outside. In nature children also learn how to take appropriate risks thereby learning how to keep themselves safe. They develop a respectful awareness of, connection to, and curiosity about their natural environment and heritage which is vitally important for the future custodians of the world.   

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Combining nurture and nature in a home-based setting

Indoors and outdoors

Quality experiences also build children's brains.  The daily routine provides security yet flexibility to meet the individual needs of each child.  

The activities and experiences offered at Pippins flow backwards and forwards between indoors and outdoors, between child-led and adult-led activities combining the ebb and flow of the seasons with cultural celebrations.

Children learn to love learning in an environment where adults love learning. They invite each other to engage in activities, to change them, to invent, create and support them.  The adult responds with subtlety and creativity to the rich diversity and endless differences of young children.