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Combining nurture and nature in a home-based setting

Partnership with Parents
Working together

Parents are children's first and most enduring educators.  They know their children best.  I am an experienced Early Years Teacher skilled in meeting a range of children's needs.

Together we can provide the best possible foundations for children's growth, development and love of learning.

Together we can empower children to discover their full potential as they create meaning in their world, develop their creative thinking, practice social skills, meet new challenges and build resilience.

Observation and assessment

I observe each child to ensure their learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs.  I tune into them in the 'here and now' as someone to be understood today, at this moment in time, not only as a preparation for the next stage.

I ascertain children's current levels of understanding, building on this to provide stimulating and challenging investigations based on the curriculum.  I use photographs to show the learning that occurs alongside snippets of conversations to show how children learn and to demonstrate their thought processes.  I share information with parents in our daily conversations as well as utilizing digital technology and termly assessments so that they too can guide their child's development at home whilst simultaneously sharing their insights and understanding of their child with me.

Together we can provide an environment that is safe, secure, warm and exciting in which children can make sense of the world, their place within it and all the opportunities and possibilities it offers.